Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vegetarian TImes Subscription - 73% Discount

73% Discount Vegetarian Times Subscription!
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vegetarian timesWhen you click above, you are taken to the Magazines.com website, where they offer a 1 year (9 issue) Vegetarian Times Magazine subscription at a 73% discount off the cover price! This discount subscription price for Vegetarian Times Magazine appears to be the cheapest price online, at less than $1.50 per issue after promotional discount; & no coupon code is needed. That's a cheap price, and makes a great gift idea.

Vegetarian Times magazine is recommended to all vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who just wants to eat healthier with vegetables, and learn more about delicious vegetarian cooking. Although the main focus of the magazine is on vegetarian recipes and food, there are also a plethora of interesting articles concerning health issues, nutrition, coupons, fitness, and vegetarian entertaining ideas. On one occasion I found myself profusely sweating in excitement over one of their eggplant recipes. Unable to speak for several days due to the excitement, I tried unsuccessfully to inform others of the recipe using only grunts and wild hand gestures.

The Vegetarian Times includes valuable nutritional information with all of their recipes, making it easy for anyone who is concerned about fat, calories, and sodium. With the discount coupon above, you'll enjoy your Vegetarian Time Subscription at a big discount, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Now you can get the best price online for Vegetarian Times magazine through this magazines.com offer. This discount Vegetarian Times Magazine subscription is an authorized offer directly from Magazines.com. There is no expiration date for the discount, and no coupon code is needed.
Discount Vegetarian Times Magazine Subscription

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