Thursday, January 1, 2009

US Weekly Magazine Discount Coupon

75% Discount US Weekly Magazine Subscription!
Click link to apply coupon for US Weekly Magazine

When you use the link above, you are taken directly to the US Weekly Magazine site, where they offer a discount 52 week subscription to their celebrity magazine for only $0.99 per issue!
That equals a 75% discount off the cover price, as well as being the cheapest price for US Magazine online.

US Magazine covers top celebrity news every week, and is the top source for breaking stories involving celebrity news and gossip. With the discount coupon above, you can enjoy this cheap guilty pleasure at less than a dollar per week!

This Us Magazine subscription discount is an ongoing promotion, and there is no expiration date. Because the deal comes directly from the US Weekly Magazine website, you can be sure that it is not only the cheapest price for US magazine, but also a legitimate discount price, with no coupon code or rebate needed.

view coupon for US Magazine discount

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