Friday, January 2, 2009

FRS Healthy Energy Drink Free Trial

2 Week FRS Energy Drink Free Trial Offer!
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FRS Healthy Energy Drink is a new kind of energy drink. Unlike most energy drinks it provides sustained energy
without the crash that you often get from other energy drinks like Red Bull, coffee, or drinks with caffeine. FRS doesn't rely on caffeine or sugar, and instead uses natural ingredients to boost energy.

The discount coupon above gets you a free trial sampling of the various drinks and chewables contained in each monthly shipment, which continues once a month unless you cancel after the free trial. The free trial is good option in this case, as some people prefer the taste of certain energy drinks over others. Personally, I don't like the sugary taste of certain drinks like "Monster Energy" that are commonly sold, so FRS's unique taste is fine w/ me. In this case, you have a certain amount of time to cancel the free trial, or they will continue to send you more FRS each month.

FRS Energy Drink is endorsed by Lance Armstrong, and uses a patented formula powered by Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that is naturally found in common fruits and vegetables. FRS won the 2007 World Beverage Congress' Best Health Initiative Award, and supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation as a corporate sponsor. (more about FRS and Lance Armstrong)

This 2-week FRS free trial is an ongoing promotion, and there is no expiration date or coupon code needed.

View the FRS Energy Drink Free Trial Offer

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